Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Sophomore, Her junior.

My ever observing eyes wandered, sweeping the dance floor up to the DJ booth, I squinted my eyes as the strobe lights pounded into my pupils, throwing off my focus briefly. I was in a seriously uptight mood and desperately needed some What's-Good in the form of some serious pussy. The small room was filled with girls grinding their asses on guys, and even some kissing in corners, and of course some of these guys looking lost. Girls on tables pouring ice and water down their shirts, Wet T-Shirt contest style. Sure the sight was pleasing and most definitely entertaining but I had my mind on another mission. I pushed my way through the jammed crowd and staggered my way to a secluded corner of the party. My eyes once again adjusted to the ever-changing lights and I took into my surroundings. A slender figure leaned against the wall, a shadow blocking her face from my gaze, my curiosity was peaked, but even so as she turned and blessed me with view I couldn't imagine belonging to the slender figure. She seemed to be slightly intoxicated and alone. I crept closer and whispered in her ears, "You need help finding someone?" "Excuse me?" she asked, as the lights hit her face I could finally put face to body and make hasten decision. My jaw nearly dropped in awe, her eyes, big and brown with long dark hair and full lips. I tried to regain my composure quickly, "I mean girls like you move in packs." She stepped closer holding my face in her palm "And what kind of girl do you assume I am?" I paused, I wasn't about to go down that easily. I eyed her head to toe and right before responding I sucked my bottom lip. "Pretty girls don't wander alone, and when they do it means they're looking for trouble." She raised her eyebrow at me mirroring my playfulness "And i guess trouble waits here in the shadows, waiting to pounce on his victim?" I smiled "Damn, a girl with some sass, I like that" she rolled her eyes and shook her head and murmured "Annoying frat boys, I bet you do" and she turned around and attempted to go back in the crowd, I grabbed her hands and pulled her closer to my chest, i wrapped my arms around her looking dead in her eyes with a slight smirk, i felt her breathe heavy against my neck and pulse rise. "She wiggled her way as if angry at me "seriously bro, there's other girls you can easily try to get into your bed". I replied "whoa chill ma!" I chuckled "first don't flatter yourself" I cooed, laughing playfully "Secondly, Maybe I'm looking for a bit more than an easy hookup" she looked at me stunned, as her eyes widened and subconsciously sucked her bottom lip, I could read the signs even if I was blind. "Well best of luck bro" she replied sarcastically and dived back in the crowd. I succumbed to the fun party and met up with my frat bruhs, I looked across the room and there she was with her circle of friends, they looked a bit relaxed as she was the only one slowly dancing, her eyes closed as if she had no worries in the world. The KStylis music came on - Trampoline booty as she grabbed her thighs and began twerking as if it was a private show for me. As I watched, I felt she was about to catch my gaze and attempted to shift gaze but I wasn't fast enough. Her eyes pierced right through mine and we stared at each other while she continued this twerk session. My mind drawing images of this mystery girl sucking and swallowing my dick and grinding all over it. I cracked a devilish smile at her raising my cup to her. She pushed through the crowd maneuvering her way to me until she stood inches away from me, she got on her tip toes to get right in my face "Man, what’s your deal?" She asked, she sounded angry. "You intrigue me" I replied in a flirtatious tone, I put my drink on the table as i moved in closer saying "I like a challenge" holding her hands and moving to her lower back, she hesitated before pushing my hands off her "listen Mr. Dread head, I'm not one of these girls that will fall under your trance. I’d say quit while you re ahead, but you’re not" she said angrily, I held her chin "Such Beauty, you want me just as much as i want you" she pushed my hand away again "I'm sorry, does that line always work for you?" i leaned back against the wall as i ran my fingers through my dreads, as she stood there watching me. "What’s your name?" I asked sweetly with a smile, she hesitated and I reached out my hand chuckling "If you don't want to tell me it’s okay. I already made up a name for you." she rolled her eyes lightheartedly and shook my hand and said "I'm Tia." I held her hand tightly and moved in close to her "well I'm Cameron, nice to meet you Tia." A smile finally broke from those pretty lips as she relaxed. Still holding her hand I began curling my fingers between hers and asked "Major, Year and Favorite food" I could feel her gaze soften and her body mellow as if she was finally falling into my web, Mission almost accomplished. "Marketing Sophomore and Sushi." she replied, I grazed her palm with my thumb nail and she didn't stop me. I replied enthusiastically “All good answers, Environmental Science, Junior and def Fufu." I made her laugh, I knew I had charmed her and completely shattered her apathetic facade now. "So after charming me what’s your plan?" She teased placing her hand on my chest, I couldn't believe this, my eyes sparkled seductively as I blatantly undress her with my eyes, glancing from her blue heels to her little white dress and finally to her curled black hair. "I'd say you re the charming one" I replied gruffly. She boldly traced her fingers from my chest downwards looking at me as if to gauge my reaction, as her long nails moved down my shirt. Surprised, I'm staring at her confused as to my next move. Do I pick her up and hang her on my shoulder and run home or… and before I could gather thoughts, she asked "So what ticks you?" I smirked at her seductively staring deep in her eyes as I caressed the side of her ass and thigh, I grabbed her and pulled her closer to me and in a soft but growling tone, I whispered "when girls like you don't do as they’re told" I felt her breathe grow heavier and he heart pound through her chest, I lifted her leg to my side and slid my hands slowly up her thigh, she pulled slightly away and replied "Then I've found the trouble I seek." she shut her eyes as her fingers lifted my shirt and slipped her hand into my pants and found my dick swollen and ready. She looked at me as if she knew where my thoughts were, "oh the things I would do to you Tia" I whispered in her ear, as I reached my other hand picking her up completely off the floor my face now closer than ever to hers, staring deep in each other’s eyes, she licked my lip as I whispered breathlessly "I dare you." her grip on my neck tightened as our lips met and locked harshly, I put her down as she reached under my shirt rubbing against my chest and stomach. I pulled her closer our bodies against each other, my fingers pressed against her neck as my tongue broke through her lips and ravished her mouth, her tongue met with mine as she whipped around it feverishly. Suddenly i pulled her away ferociously gazing into her eyes as i watched her panting and eager for more, my eyes lightened up and cracked a smile "I’d say you're worth the trouble" I whispered still gazing upon this beauty. "So 803?" she teased and I pulled my phone out of my pocket. She quickly punched her number into my phone as I whispered "till next time Desi." Softly kissing the side of her neck, I took my phone back and disappeared into the crowd.

To be continued...

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