Monday, September 28, 2015

Parking Ticket (Conclusion)

I text her as I arrived at her apartment. Minutes after I saw her through my rear view mirror checking herself out and adjusting her tight sexy dress with a deep cut into her cleavage, It clung tightly to her curvy and toned body, she bent lightly and gave her wavy black hair a quick fluff before stepping in the car. I was dress in dark jeans and a burgundy long sleeve button up shirt. Smelling like a million dollars I leaned over and gave her a tight hug leaving a wet kiss on the side of her neck. “You look great” I said, eyeing her up and down, she smiled as she responded “Thank you Sir, You clean up nice.” I turned my music up a bit, turning up to some Future, she asked casually “So where are we going?” I flashed her a delicious smile and kept riding. As we got closer downtown “I was thinking hookah and drinks” I said in a sultry tone. We arrived at club and proceeded to our booth, the booth was at the far end of the club overlooking the whole dancefloor and was dimly lit. The atmosphere was secretive and erotic, we got our hookah and drinks. Small talks began to transpire, and I had my hand on her lap gently grazing her inner thigh, she moved in a little closer giving me more leg to stroke, as she asked “So how was work?” “Tense” I replied leaning in for a kiss as she stopped me and demanded we took shots. I never back down from liquor so I faced it and the thought of devouring her pussy momentarily slipped my mind as I asked her to dance with me to the Ashanti throwback FOOLISH. We slow danced the whole song through till Fetty Wap and future took over, I got enough booty action for a whole team for hours until we decided to take a break and return to drinking. I looked at my phone and it was about 1:30am, Pretty Ricky came on and I returned the favor giving her a lap dance, kissing her neck and teasing her licking her inner thighs, she jerked as I got closer to her pussy with my hands caressing her breasts.  She pulled my head closer and kissed with every breathe we had in us, her fingers lifting my shirt up like she wanted me inside of her in the club. As we kissed I slid my hand up her dress, grazing my finger on her clit through her panties, gradually moving her panties to the side fiddling with her clit then slid my finger into her already soaking wet pussy, she gasped as I dug into her hitting her g-spot she held tightly onto me letting me finger fuck her till she climaxed. She took a drag of our hookah and blew it all in my face and whispered “Take go home”. We left the club in total awkward silence as I fumed on the inside not getting any satisfaction from the tease, I made a detour to a church parking lot by her apartment complex, “why are we h…” before she could finish her sentence I planted a kiss grabbing her thigh, I leaned my seat back and she climbed over to me. I grabbed all of her ass as she was grinding on my already hard dick aggressively kissing me, the sexual tension being released. I pulled my pants down to my ankle, then slid her dress up her waist briskly and ripped her panties off her. She turned over putting her ass on my face as she cuddled my dick in her mouth. The feeling was at first unexpected, this innocent cute sophomore knows exactly what she was doing. She slurped on my dick harshly as if trying to suck the meat off my dick, as I kissed her pussy sliding my tongue in and up her clit licking all the juices on her I sucked on her pussy lips going right to her clit and making love to her clit she moaned and slowed down on my dick, I slid a finger in her pussy and she let go of my dick and moaned “Yes Daddy!” then I proceeded to put another finger in her butt hole and she let out a louder moan “Oh my god” she began grinding her ass against my face even harder telling me to stop but don’t stop so I proceeded until I felt her hot cum on my mustache. She laid for a second then turned over and watched as I put my condom on. I whispered “I'm gonna make you scream my name” she had a shy smile on her face as she leaned closer and licked my mouth “I like the way I taste” I chuckled and told her to hop in the back seat, she got on her stomach and propped her ass up slightly, I took a second to admire that ass … lawd!. It was game time, I grabbed her by the waist and kissed her lower back, licking my way up her spine as I gently slid my dick into her soaking pussy, she let out a soft moan as if trying to hide it. After some soft strokes I smacked her ass and slid a finger in her ass and rammed her pussy as hard as I could and kept going, she moaned and screamed my name into the seat scratching my leather seats and grabbing the door handle as if trying to escape, I grabbed her tightly ramming her even harder, she screamed and arched her ass closer to my dick as her body shuddered in ecstasy, I smacked her ass and let gasped heavily “Fuck!” as I let her go, she fell on her side breathless, struggling to construct a word all I could say again was “fuck”. She laid there struggling for breathe in my fogged up car. I quickly opened a door for air and threw my condom in the bushes, seating back to regain my composure, she crawled up next to me and kissed my chest “Just so you know, you’re all mine” as she leaned closer looking dead in my eyes and kissed me.

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